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BexxyBaLeiLa - The Omni Talented Choreographer

My favorite Modern Solo: Kaleila Jordan, pronounced (Kah-lee-lah), is a San Diego, California native, bred in the performing arts world since elementary school. It all started off with Valencia Park Elementary’s artistic program and then to the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. Being in thes e types of environments led the young artist to Los Angeles to pursue a career in dance and to obtain a B.A. in Theater Arts and Dance at California State University – Los Angeles (CSULA). After taking on a full load at college she is now able to focus completely on her entertainment career. Kaleila has modeled and danced in numerous videos of local artists, as well as runway for urban clothing lines. She is most recently recognized as a hot topic from the reality show on BET Networks “Born To Dance: Laurieanne Gibson”, as she continues her journey in the entertainment industry. She continues to find new experiences in her talents with acting, hosting , and teaching dance wo