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Venus' Forever Living

People always ask me how I keep my fresh and healthy look, so I figure I give you some of my own beauty tips that will lead you to a healthy and wealthy life. I love to look pretty but do not love to work hard for it neither spend too much money. While looking for cheap, I also look for healthy and in my research I found out that expensive does not always mean the best for you. A lot of pricey body lotions and deodorants have aluminum in them which work as antiperspirants which causes cancer. I mean, come on! It's aluminum! Every kid that goes to school knows. Of course putting color on does not keep you young and fresh. The right nutrition and exercise make a big difference, but right does not mean complicated. Just like my make up I stick to the basics. I love to eat, I just keep the balance and monitor if I had my vitamins and proteins for the day. I walk a lot, drink a lot of water, tea and a shot of AloeVera once a day makes a big difference with my metabolism. So to st

Martha Steward Rolls Up - Marijuana News

Martha Steward, 71 years old: "Of course I know how to roll a joint..." For some families with children who suffer from rare seizure disorders, a new form of medical marijuana is proving to be a life-changing treatment. MPP's model medical marijuana law  allows patients to obtain a medical marijuana card if they have a qualifying medical condition and a licensed physician believes they are likely to receive therapeutic or palliative benefit from the use of medical marijuana. The model bill lists the following qualifying medical conditions (although the state department of health may add others): glaucoma; positive status for human immunodeficiency virus & acquired immune deficiency syndrome; hepatitis C; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; Crohn’s disease; agitation of Alzheimer’s disease; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); nail patella; the treatment of these conditions; or a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its tre

Most Wanted Film

  The movie Most Wanted feat. Venus Leone (Founder of Goddess Image) in the lead as public enemy number one seems to be the most wanted of the year. Grab some popcorn and sit back. We have it right here for you. Just click start and enlarge the screen ;) MOST WANTED from RED RABBIT on Vimeo .

Aids Walk LA - Team Goddesses

We need YOU to join Team Goddesses -2819 for this year's AIDS Walk Los Angeles! AIDS Walk Los Angeles is a 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) fundraising walkathon benefiting APLA and more than 20 other L.A. County AIDS service organizations.  This is an inspirational day filled with energy, excitement, hope, and even celebrities! To learn more about our team’s involvement or to register through me, please email me at (insert Team Leader email address) or call me at (insert Team Leader phone number).  I can tell you all about our team recruitment and fundraising events and answer questions. Register online: Visit the Team Goddesses AIDS Walk Los Angeles website at and click on “Register to Walk” and then “Join a Team.” Simply select our team name " Goddesses - 2819 " Number from the pull-down menu! Register by phone: Call the AIDS Walk office at 213.201.9255 (WALK). Be sure to give our team name when you register! Don’t forget to select th

Los Angeles - The Mecca of Art

I was talking with my older brother yesterday over the phone.  He asked me, “Really, what is it like to live in LA?”  I love this question, because it is by far the best place I’ve ever lived.  Where I’m from in the Midwest, artists are struggling.  There are not a vast amount of platforms to show their work, unlike Los Angeles.  In LA, there are struggling artists, but they have more opportunities to find jobs doing graffiti, fashion, film, and music.  The only thing that stands in the way of people being successful in this city, is themselves.  From my experience, I came to LA with 2 suitcases and a dream.  No car.  No job.  No home.  I quickly learned that all I have to do is go outside, and I will find opportunity.  If I just put myself out there, and show up on time, I have half the population beat!  If I show up in anything besides a tank top and flip flops, I’ve outsmarted another 10%.  After one month in LA, I found a job in my field that traveled me all over Ca

Self Help - Spiritual Guidance

Outlined below are probably some of the most important sentences you will ever read. Reading them is one thing but to understand then is another. The best way to enjoy the list is to bookmark the page and use the list for guidance when required. You can ask questions and the answer will be contained below. Allow your eyes to scan the pages and ask for the sentence to be shown to you. Another way to use the list is to print it out and cut then into thin strips. By folding them and placing all of them into a bowl you can then ask the question and then select one strip that you are drawn to.  Once you have selected a strip or sentence, you now need to understand the message and how it applies to your particular situation. You can select another sentence or strip if you require further clarification. You can meditate on them if you want to but the main thing is to open your mind and think about

A day in the life of Entrepreneur Teena Lane...

MAY 28, 2013 6:30 am  Woken up by a shower of kisses from my love.  Roll out of bed. Drink some Kangen Water, let it flow and clean out the pipes.  Lastly, freshen the breath with a good whitening toothpaste.   7:00 am  Touch bases with my east coast contacts, before their days get too hectic.  It is so important for someone in my position to be bi-coastal, and inter-continental.       7:30 am  Get my P90X workout in.  It’s tough, but we gotta keep it tight at every age.  It doesn’t matter how nice your wardrobe is if you don’t look good in it. 8:30 am  Shower and meditate.  I take this time to repeat my daily mantra at least twice.  The shower tends to be the quietest, most serene place to commit to my ritual daily. 9:30 am  Ultra-violet light treatment.  This is one of my beauty secrets.  I hold this light to my face for 30 minutes at a time, twice a day.  It regenerates skin cells, kills acne causing bacteria, and keeps wrinkles at bay.  I’ve been u

"Like a Lot of Sisters' Out There" - Bethany Andrews, Lay Over Inc.

Hello, My name is Bethany, President and CEO of Lay Over Inc. I just ran across your page and felt at home in seconds. I love being around other positive, empowering black women and women in general. My story is like a lot of sisters' out there. I used to think being a single mother would stifle me, but I turned it around to be the best decision of my life. My sons father and I met in college and dated for several years. We broke up before I found out I was pregnant and never got back together again. Throughout my pregnancy he tried forcing me into an abortion by scaring me, berating me and abandoning me when I needed him the most. I serve a faithful God though because after he left, I was offered a job as the Executive Secretary in the OB/GYN dept at University of Colorado hospital. My pregnancy was fully supported by my department by them throwing me a baby shower and on my Bday I was given a 3D ultrasound. As much as I loved working there, God was directing me, prepping me and u


  eYe was talking about the issue of cancer treatment with a friend sharing my opinion on chemotherapy. My personal problem with our western medicine is that we pay to kill ourselves. If you set the body's immune system back to it's state when you were a sperm but are a grown person living and breathing in this impure world you will die of infections, illness and other issues caused by the radiation and weakening of the body. We totally give ourselves to that doctor title and fully trust that person who does not have any emotional connection with us. My aunt died before she was officially dead. They cut everything out of her. She was just a shell with a brain by the time they were done with her. They keep your money and tell you there is nothing else to do, but they are lying and you are too brainwashed to think about it.  Fact is, we are made of this world that feeds us and keeps us alive so we have to feed our bodies just the same way as we would treat a plant: WITH CARE!