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"Like a Lot of Sisters' Out There" - Bethany Andrews, Lay Over Inc.

My name is Bethany, President and CEO of Lay Over Inc. I just ran across your page and felt at home in seconds. I love being around other positive, empowering black women and women in general. My story is like a lot of sisters' out there. I used to think being a single mother would stifle me, but I turned it around to be the best decision of my life. My sons father and I met in college and dated for several years. We broke up before I found out I was pregnant and never got back together again. Throughout my pregnancy he tried forcing me into an abortion by scaring me, berating me and abandoning me when I needed him the most. I serve a faithful God though because after he left, I was offered a job as the Executive Secretary in the OB/GYN dept at University of Colorado hospital. My pregnancy was fully supported by my department by them throwing me a baby shower and on my Bday I was given a 3D ultrasound. As much as I loved working there, God was directing me, prepping me and urging me to leave and start my own business selling sleep in international airport terminals. After 2 years of being a department's secretary, I became my own and haven't turned back.

 Lay Over Inc. is a micro-hotel in airport terminals. Passengers can reserve a room to sleep work and relax at an hourly rate. We're planning on opening in Denver intl airport with a goal to expand in all intl airport terminals.  When you get a chance, please visit my company's website and Like us on Facebook:

 I certainly hope someone else that shares my story feels touched with hope. My company website is and my email address is


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