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  eYe was talking about the issue of cancer treatment with a friend sharing my opinion on chemotherapy. My personal problem with our western medicine is that we pay to kill ourselves. If you set the body's immune system back to it's state when you were a sperm but are a grown person living and breathing in this impure world you will die of infections, illness and other issues caused by the radiation and weakening of the body. We totally give ourselves to that doctor title and fully trust that person who does not have any emotional connection with us. My aunt died before she was officially dead. They cut everything out of her. She was just a shell with a brain by the time they were done with her. They keep your money and tell you there is nothing else to do, but they are lying and you are too brainwashed to think about it.  Fact is, we are made of this world that feeds us and keeps us alive so we have to feed our bodies just the same way as we would treat a plant: WITH CARE!


HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY Don't forget who is really worried about nurturing this world. Forget about the bitch and the chick for a day and remember all the beautiful women that actually helped you grow up, made a change in the world and fought for change. GOD BLESS YOU ALL