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The Bortolin family have been producing Prosecco for generations in their own vineyards.  The Ca'Salina  winery was founded in 1950 by Greoriao Bortolin and his wife Neva.  
Today, their sons Massimo and Michele are also part of the winery.  The family guard their traditions and have a great love for good things in life.

The winery sits on the top of a hill in the heart of the Valdobbiadene DOCG region.  From its windows you can admire the Prosecco Superiore vines that embroider the picturesque hills.  The winery itself have been built inside the hillside so as not to interfere with the natural beauty of the area.

The modernised winery with its innovations is in perfect harmony with Ca'Salina's traditions and at no time has the environment or the purity of the land been comprosied.  The winery houses several large stainless steel tanks which are used to produce the Prosecco.  The temperature of the Prosecco is automatically controlled to manage the fermentation processes correctly.  An important part in guaranteeing top class Prosecco. 

Ca'Salina are renowned for making top quality Prosecco.  Their range comprises of Prosecco in 3 different sweetness levels, appealing to different consumer tastes and ability to pair with a broader range of food types from salty to sweet.  Just Perfect Wines has selected the to Prosecco from their range, which are:
  • 'Rivete' Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut
  • 'Sirocol' Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry
  • 'Paradiso' Prosecco Superiore DOCG Dry
Ca'Salina also produce a fabulous rose sparkling wine made with the Rosato and Moscato grapes:
  • Rosato Vino Spumant Brut

Ca'Salina have won many international wine awards over the years.  Their most prestigious was wining the top award of 'Gold Grand Medal' in the sparkling wine category, as well as a special regional award at Vinitaly in 2014.  
Vinitaly is the largest wine fair in the world.  Surely, that suggests Ca'Salina's Prosecco is the best in the world!
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