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A day in the life of Entrepreneur Teena Lane...

MAY 28, 2013 6:30 am  Woken up by a shower of kisses from my love.  Roll out of bed. Drink some Kangen Water, let it flow and clean out the pipes.  Lastly, freshen the breath with a good whitening toothpaste.   7:00 am  Touch bases with my east coast contacts, before their days get too hectic.  It is so important for someone in my position to be bi-coastal, and inter-continental.       7:30 am  Get my P90X workout in.  It’s tough, but we gotta keep it tight at every age.  It doesn’t matter how nice your wardrobe is if you don’t look good in it. 8:30 am  Shower and meditate.  I take this time to repeat my daily mantra at least twice.  The shower tends to be the quietest, most serene place to commit to my ritual daily. 9:30 am  Ultra-violet light treatment.  This is one of my beauty secrets.  I hold this light to my face for 30 minutes at a time, twice a day.  It regenerates skin cells, kills acne causing bacteria, and keeps wrinkles at bay.  I’ve been u

"Like a Lot of Sisters' Out There" - Bethany Andrews, Lay Over Inc.

Hello, My name is Bethany, President and CEO of Lay Over Inc. I just ran across your page and felt at home in seconds. I love being around other positive, empowering black women and women in general. My story is like a lot of sisters' out there. I used to think being a single mother would stifle me, but I turned it around to be the best decision of my life. My sons father and I met in college and dated for several years. We broke up before I found out I was pregnant and never got back together again. Throughout my pregnancy he tried forcing me into an abortion by scaring me, berating me and abandoning me when I needed him the most. I serve a faithful God though because after he left, I was offered a job as the Executive Secretary in the OB/GYN dept at University of Colorado hospital. My pregnancy was fully supported by my department by them throwing me a baby shower and on my Bday I was given a 3D ultrasound. As much as I loved working there, God was directing me, prepping me and u