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12th Annual Leo Bash & Birthday Celebration LEO NATION Saturday AUGUST 18 9pm Rooftop 3100 3100 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Ca 90010 Leo's of the World Unite to bring you the 12th Annual Leo Bash! Join Actor's, NBA+NFL Athletes, Business Professionals, Industry Personnel, Elite Clientele and Choosey Party Goers such as yourself for a night of Dancing, Mingling, Networking, and Celebrating with great cocktails in LA's Newest Event Space. HOSTED BY & PERFORMING LIVE VENUS LEONE  / eyeprophecy Celebrity DJ Violator DJ Jam X will be spinning everything!! And I mean everything Old School, R&B, Hip hop, Neo Soul, Reggae Top 40's, Old School Hip Hop etc etc etc There is plenty free street parking and onsite valet!! ALL LEO'S IF YOUR INTEREST IN DOING YOUR PARTY WITH US TEXT ORIE MENTIONING VENUS AT 310 345 6772 OR EMAIL RSVP

MOST WANTED FILM PREMIER & MORE The Storyboard MOST WANTED storyboard trailer  from  ONYX Entertainment  on  Vimeo . I am Bodega: drawing by Anthony Satter Here some behind the scenes shots: Michael King plays Dice Production Stills   Most Wanted  from  Michael Moriatis  on  Vimeo . Most Wanted - Behind the Scenes Vol. 1  from  ONYX Entertainment  on  Vimeo . Letter by the Director Dallas King: It has been almost a week since the first words of 'ACTION" for Most Wanted. I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your energy, sacrifice, and creative support towards the project Most Wanted. It was certainly a journey for all of us, and in the end "WE" made it. A film is not made by one person..... but by a tribe, a collective, a village must come to together to make a vision into reality. Thank you for coming on this journey. When someone asks, "so what did yo

Michelle Obama - Goddess Status

The President and First Lady welcome Chinese President Hu Jintao to the White House for a State Dinner. - Michelle Obama Facebook A queen that knows she is never following unwillingly. You got it twisted if you think and believe that a woman is supposed to follow. If you watch the Obama family you two strong leaders found each other long time ago and could never be separated. Michelle is a tough and strong woman. As an artist and muse I always try to stay away from choosing sides in politics and try to bring religions together, but Mrs. Obama is something else. When I do not know which way to go, I check her status and look for her steps. She is a Muse and a Goddess! No doubt about it!

Tanesha's Water - Not only a Fashion Stylist but A Lifestyle Specialist

Greetings! I just launched my new website @!  Check it out, sign up for the newsletter, and get your hands on some Kangen Water!  I’m giving away free samples, so let me know if you want some*  Thanks for your support, TT      Why Should You Drink Water? You have probably heard that water makes up over 70% of the body, right? Water is part of all body fluids and is vital to the proper function of the body’s organ systems. It should be obvious then that the quality of the water you drink is extremely important. For your body to be at optimal health, you should drink only the purest and cleanest water possible. Consider these interesting facts about water: Two-thirds of Americans do not drink the recommended 8-10 glasses of water daily. Continual loss of water from the body can slow down the metabolic rate by as much as 3%. Over one-third of North Americans have suppressed their thirst mechanism to the point where it is often misinterpreted as

French Pastry Chef Search

I just received the following question from my paralegal and friend: "...Would you by any chance know of a Certified French Pastry Chef or a Certified Chef who is specializing in French cuisine perhaps? Fresh graduate from Paris preferred, or as long as he/she has experience in making French pastries as well. If you do know of someone looking for a job opportunity here in the U.S., please have the Chef email me his or her resume asap, because the investors want to open an authentic French Patisserie in Irvine or San Diego asap as well okay. The investors are willing to petition for working visa in the U.S. " Please email resume asap to: (Subject line: Certified French Pastry Chef) If selected for an interview you will receive an email directly from Chary. GOOD LUCK!