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My roommate and I were talking about how vitamin supplements do not agree with our stomach. Every time I try to take one of those 800% daily value multivitamin pills, I feel nauseous and may throw up. She mentioned that she feels the same way, so I told her about my solution: A shot of pure aloe vera drink and a spoon of bee honey by Forever Living Products. Here is why:

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Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz Interviewing Venus Leone

Source: Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz @VenusLeone #TenMiniTT @TenMiniTT

It seems like forever since I interviewed the talented and enchanting Miss Venus Leone! It was a long time coming. But, it is worth it! You will love the interview. Check out a snippet on iTunes! Yeah baby!
Now on iTunes! Ten Minutes with MizMeliz

Show Notes What do you want to talk about?I had to think about this one since what I do is my hobby but I realize there is something I love to do that doesn’t make me any money: I love watching movies and tv shows but I also dissect everything, like, how well do they act, how bad is the ADR, continuity mistakes (the last Transformer had a car driving on the freeway, the Deception stops it, crashing it… but there are no people in it… no one runs out of it and when the girl runs inside, no one there), score and sound, effects (Quentin Tarantino uses exploding sounds for bullets entering wounds), editing etc… and then I sit in the movie theater and read all the t…