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Keeping it Simple

As I sit on the remote Caribbean island of Nevis, I wonder why the state of my country is not living up to it’s potential.  Nevis is an island that was first colonized by the Spanish, then the French and later the British in the 1700’s.  It’s unique because the island is an inactive volcano, so it’s very mountainous, lushy green, and you can drive around the whole island in 30 minutes.  Although mostly everything is imported to the island due to it’s size and location on the map, the island is extremely wealthy and self sufficient in terms of agriculture.  Most people on the island own their own home, and it is a standard to have your own home by the time you move out of your parents house.  There is no homeless population and very little crime.  The small jail system they had was a “prison farm” where the criminals pay their dues by working the land deep in the mountains overlooking the ocean.  Not slave labor, but more like rehab.   Nevis is nutrient rich; the land is fertil