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People always ask me how I keep my fresh and healthy look, so I figure I give you some of my own beauty tips that will lead you to a healthy and wealthy life. I love to look pretty but do not love to work hard for it neither spend too much money. While looking for cheap, I also look for healthy and in my research I found out that expensive does not always mean the best for you. A lot of pricey body lotions and deodorants have aluminum in them which work as antiperspirants which causes cancer. I mean, come on! It's aluminum! Every kid that goes to school knows. Of course putting color on does not keep you young and fresh. The right nutrition and exercise make a big difference, but right does not mean complicated. Just like my make up I stick to the basics. I love to eat, I just keep the balance and monitor if I had my vitamins and proteins for the day. I walk a lot, drink a lot of water, tea and a shot of AloeVera once a day makes a big difference with my metabolism.

So to start on the surface, what never leaves my purse is the Cream to Powder Foundation  of the Sonya line by Forever Living Products. Here below a collection of my favorites.
Cream to Powder Foundation - Sunset BeigeAloe Vera and Orchid Extract work together to create the perfect texture that blends easily into the skin to perfect a velvety, silky and flawless finish.
aloe BB crème - CocoaThe flawless by Sonya aloe BB crème Cocoa with SPF 10 with  Olive Leaf Extract to gently even skin tone, clinically tested botanical extract that helps to firm and smooth your skin’s appearance. With continious use, skin appears smoother and more youthful.

I use the Aloe Lips for everything: On my lips once or maybe twice a day, on mosquito bites and skin irritations... If I don't have lotion, this is my savior.
Forever Aloe Lips™ with Jojoba
The other  beautifiers you will find in my purse:

//              Mineral Makeup - Amber

Delicious Lipstick - Rose Gold       Travel 5 pc wallet brush set                                                          

Delicious Lipstick - Rose Gold//

A deodorant that holds all day with properties of aloe vera while eliminating ingredients that could be harmful like Aluminum.
The toothpaste suitable for vegetarians contains no animal by-products, bee propolis, natural peppermint and spearmint flavorings leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean without ingredients such as Fluoride that kill your nerve system. 
Honestly, you just have to try it all. Get a Touch of Forever and replace all your products in your bathroom throwing them into the box for a month. You will most probably not miss those products at all. 

Clean 9 Chocolate SpanishSupport free radical elimination
Support hormone balance
Support Energy and Vitality
Support urinary and reproductive health
Support stress and anxiety relief
Support healthy mood
Support detoxification

Our Amazing Heart

Typical Work Day
100,000 Heart Beats
Pumps 2,500 gallons of blood
Through 60,000 miles of blood vessels

The Cardiovascular Crisis
Every 33 seconds an American dies from some form of Heart Ailment
Heart Attack every 20 seconds
17 million people
42% of all deaths annually 
-> The Medical Cost associated with Cardiovascular Challenges exceedS $56 Billion a year <-

•Eat a Healthy Diet
•Reduce Stress
•Get the Proper Amount of Sleep
Nutritional Support
Health and Beauty start from within and when people wonder how you stay so young and full of life, you can start talking about your secret and make money with it too. Just saying...
2014 Product Brochure


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